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Our Story . . .

In 2010, I started incorporating essential and natural products into my life.  After being a licensed cosmetologist for over 17 years and offering brand name run of the mill hair products in my hair studio, I started realizing the benefits of essential and herbal blends. . .not only for the mind, body & soul, but also the benefits that they had on hair and skin.  One day, after being involved into essential soap making already,

I drifted into a small soap shop that was set up at a well-known wine festival in my area, and was immediately intrigued.  I instantly fell in love with the bars of soap that looked so intimately placed among the soap shop that I had stepped foot into! I recall picking each one of them up and studying them in such detail. From that moment on, I knew this is what I wanted to do. . .offer all natural bath and body care so others can fall in love with it just as I have.....only with a TWIST!  CHEERS

Christi Person , owner