Going Above and Beyond!    January 11th, 1:44am       I just wanted to send an email back to you as say thank you. I had originally sent an email a few weeks back about not receiving an online order I had placed with you. I was worried about having to fight to be refunded the money from the order. You not only refunded my money immediately, which was the minimum I was hoping for, you even went ahead a fulfilled the order free of charge. I can honestly say I have only a few times ever experienced such top of the line customer service from a company. I decided not to use it as a gift like originally planned and instead to keep it for ourselves to try the products out. So far we are loving the first soap we picked. To me it definately feels like you truely care for your customers and want to make things right. I can say we will be coming back for more when the time comes.

Again, Thanks for going above and beyond to keep this customer happy and returning.       Stephanie  -Frederick, MD


Works Wonders!                      October 19th, 11:55am      Hey Perk N’ Brew team! My name is James G. I was recently at the Apple festival in Gettysburg PA when I ran across your soap. I bought the “Water of Di Gio” and “Too Sexy” soaps. I just wanted to tell you that within a week and a half my skin completely cleared up. Your soap works wonders for acne and people should know!

Great job and thank you so much. I will be ordering some soon.                                               James     -location unknown


This is the first                        June 2nd, 9:15pm               Hello! My name is Audrey. My fiance and I met your reps at the Flavor Fest over Memorial Day weekend and purchased the bar of soap that was made with Guiness.  I was wondering if you have any sort of bulk discount and what the terms are.  This is the first type of soap my fiance has NOT had a irritating reaction to and that alone is soooo worth purchasing bulk in advance!

Thanks!                                                                                                                                            Audrey D.     -location unknown


How can I purchase more             Sep 14th, 5:20pm             I recently purchased some of your soap and am interested in getting more. How can I place an order…What I purchased is the Gollywobbler Peach. We were in St. Michael’s Winery on Thursday…my daughter has spoken several times about the soap, so I want to see if I can order more.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!  Thank you                                                                Marilyn J.    -Washington DC.


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