Lemongrass Beer Shampoo

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Our signature formula contains low sulfates (like Lauryl Sulfate or Laureth Sulfate)  which tend to strip the hair of it’s color and natural oils that are essential for healthy hair. We’ve loaded our shampoo up with beer during the production process, so there’s a plentiful amount of protein which is helpful for rebuilding the hairs structure and integrity.  Choose the right scent that is suitable for you!

About the Scent: Fresh, awakening and invigorating. Lemongrass contains vitamin A & C, which is great for rebuilding and repairing the hairs structure from harsh chemicals and free radicals. It’s lemony scent is undeniably calming and awakening all at the same time. Anyone that knows Lemongrass, knows that this essential oil is combative in many different things…and its truly a must have.

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, beer, vegetable glycerin, castor oil, lemongrass oil, lye, citric acid, tea tree oil     Coconut oil beads….shake well before each use



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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 5 in


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